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Ignacio Early Learning Program is a, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit child development center. The school provides child care and early education services year-round for families with children three to five years old. Ignacio Early Learning Program serves 48 children per day and is made up three classrooms:

Preschool-16 Children
Preschool-16 Children
Toddler-14 Children

Ignacio Early Learning Program has adopted an emergent curricular model, called Creative Curriculum. While we have identified developmental goals for every child in our care, teachers are trained to be in tune with the child perspective. Children support the direction of the study that is selected based on their interest level.  Lesson plans and daily activities will reflect their interest. It is the responsibility of the teacher to: 1.) thoughtfully observe the children in their care and determine what themes are peaking their curiosity; 2.) weave social/emotional, language, fine/gross motor, and cognitive learning into the thematic planning process.

Each of the three Ignacio Early Learning Program classrooms utilizes the Creative Curriculum as well as Teaching Strategies GOLD — powerful teaching tools to facilitate individual child assessment, organized documentation and curricular planning.

Ignacio Early Learning Program is proud to be a program that serves children with a variety of needs. We contract directly with the Colorado Department of Human Services to serve low- to moderate-income families who qualify for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP). Ignacio Early Learning Program also serves children under the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP).




Brenda La Barthe

Photo of Brenda La Barthe
Preschool Teacher IELP

Once a toddler teacher, Ms. Brenda now teaches the preschool age and lives in Arboles Colorado. She has been married for 26 years to Brett and has two great boys, a 21 year old son and another son who will be a senior and graduate in 2021. Ms. Brenda enjoys outdoor activities, walking, and spending time at the lake. A big part of Ms. Brenda’s life is going to her son’s school sports but mostly she enjoys hanging out at home and spending time with her family. After moving to Arboles in 1989 from Colorado Springs and working in various careers, Ms. Brenda felt like she needed a change in her career and began work at the Head Start in Ignacio were she stayed for 13 years. She loves being around young children and has been with Ignacio Early Learning Program since we opened. Brenda brings experience and a sense of humor to our program!