Fares For Route Buses: Ignacio / Bayfield / Durango

Basic Fare
$2.00 per ride per zone
$4.00 per person each way /Or $2.00 Half Way
20-Punch Pass ($2.00 per punch)
$32.00 Regular
$28.00 Senior (55+) or Student
Monthly Unlimited Pass / Route buses ONLY
$50.00 Regular
$42.50 Senior (55+) or Student
Passes may be obtained from the driver.

Ignacio Dial-A-Ride Service: Ignacio and Bayfield area (7 days a week)

Monday through Friday ( 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

Saturdays (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Road Runner Transit offers Dial-A Ride Service within the Town of Ignacio and the surrounding areas within 1 mile of city limits, including Ignacio Peaks and Cedar Point East or West and now including the Town of Bayfield extending out to Gem Village/Homestead Ranch, Saw’s Creek, Dove Ranch and 1.5 miles down Buck Hwy and Rainbow road.



$1.00 per person / per stop within town limits

$2.00 per person to travel between towns
Punch pass available for $16.00.

Dial-a-Ride Service availability:

To schedule or make a reservation call

970-563-4545 (Mon thru Fri) & 970-799-6201 (Sat and Sun)