Support positive youth development programs in Ignacio by playing in the Snowdown Dodgeball this year’s 2022.

Location:  Durango Recreation Center

Time:  5:30 PM – 7:30PM

Date:  January 27, 2022

$65.00 / team (6-10 players)

NO ALL MALE TEAMS!!  Must have 2 women on the team.

Registration deadline is January 27, 2022 at 5:30 PM

Dodgeball Registration Forms

or use the form below to Register.

Snowdown Dodgeball 2022

Please provide basic information about you and your team in the form below. Please pay at the event, checks or cash. Names on the roster are finalized at 5:30 PM. on Friday. Please email any additional changes to Nita at SoCoCAA at; OR show up at the game location before the deadline to make changes. All team members must be age 16 and over to participate. 10 persons on a roster maximum, six persons minimum. All teams must include at least TWO women, who must start! Signing this roster states that SoCoCAA is not held responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur within the duration of the tournament. It also states that you are knowledgeable of the tournament rules and will maintain good sportsmanship as a player. ALSO, Snowdown requires all participants to sign a waiver with lots of fine print. Bring your pen. SoCoCAA has the authority to eject any player from the tournament at any time if these requirements are not met. No warning will be given. This is an alcohol-free event. Ignacio students are the refs. Please treat them with respect even when you are in the heat of the game. DODGEBALL!